Brief introduction of electronic body scale

Electronic body scale adopts microcomputer control, without any manual operation, can automatically and quickly measure the height and weight of people. The measurement results can be displayed and announced by voice, and the body shape can be judged according to the measurement results. It is an ideal choice for hospitals, physical examination stations and various fitness places.

Main technical features

1. novel style, beautiful and generous, large screen LED display;

2. Chinese/English, Chinese/Russian or Chinese/Vietnamese bilingual options;

3. Coin feeder and operation button are designed on the front, which is intuitive and simple;

4. You can choose one yuan or five jiao RMB COINS, or other COINS, just change the sample coin;

5. the money box has a separate key, convenient for customers to operate;

6. Thermal printer, fast printing speed, clear and beautiful font;

7. automatic paper cutting, easy to use;

8. ac and dc dual-use, energy-saving design, very low power consumption;

9. The internal counter records the person-time of measurement, which is still effective after power failure for convenient operation and management;

10. calendar clock, power is still accurate travel time;